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Wait Till Your Father Gets Home began as a one-shot animated segment on Paramount's Love American Style series on ABC-TV in 1972. Entitled "Love and the Old-Fashioned Father", it served as the pilot for the syndicated 1972-74 series. The pilot was originally purchased by the NBC owned stations to help fill up the then new FCC prime-time access rule time slots.

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The series was created by Harvey Bullock and R. S. Allen. It showcased the generation gap clashes between dad Harry Boyle (voiced by Tom Bosley) and his three modern day kids, Chet, Alice and Jamie. In it's second year, the show featured many celebrity guest voices, including Don Knotts, Phyllis Diller, Don Adams, Rich Little, Jonathon Winters and Monty Hall.

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This was around the same time that many of these stars also lent their voices to another Hanna-Barbera cartoon, The New Scooby Doo Movies. Other voices included Joan Gerber as Irma Boyle, Kristina Holland as daughter Alice, David Hayward as son Chet (replaced by Lennie Weinrib in season two), Jackie Haley as youngest son Jamie, and comedian Jack Burns as the vigilante neighbor Ralph.

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Originally syndicated by Rhodes Productions, this Hanna-Barbera cartoon was rerun in the US on the Cartoon Network.

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The Fling Alice's Dress
The Hippie Beach Vacation
Help Wanted Love Story
The Victim Chet's Job
Chet's Fiancée The Mouse
Duty Calls Expectant Papa
The New Car The New House
The Prowler Mama's Identity
Papa the Patient The Swimming Pool
The Neighbors Papa in New York
Sweet Sixteen The Commune
The Music Tycoon Accidents Will Happen
The Lady Detective (with Phyllis Diller) Alice's Diet
Bringing Up Jamie The Boyles on TV
Permissive Papa My Wife, the Secretary
Papa, the Housewife Papa's Big Check
Maude Loves Papa (with Jonathon Winters) Alice's Crush
Back to Nature Marriage Counselor
Car 54 Jamie's Project
Rich Little, Supersleuth (with Rich Little) Birdman Chet
Alice's Freedom Chet's Pad
Don for the Defense (with Don Adams) Model Alice
Mama Loves Monty (with Monty Hall) Don Knotts, the Beekeeper (with Don Knotts)
Papa, the Coach Mama's Charity

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