Keep tip top with Titan,
SHAPE UP the Titan way;
Keep tip top with Titan,
Grow stronger every day;
Your country needs an active crew,
Of healthy boys and girls like you;
Keep tip top with Titan,
Join the Titan team today!"

Direction - Robert D. Buchanan
Art & Design - C. Jack Schleh
Photography - Robert Biddlecom
Animation - Soundac Productions, Inc. Hollywood, Florida
Producer - Richard H. Ullman
A Mr. Titan Production
Distributed by Trans-Lux


The Mighty Mr. Titan  was a series of 3½ minute cartoons that promoted physical fitness.


The series featured exercises demonstrated by Mr. Titan.


Kids watching the cartoon were encouraged to exercise along with Mr. Titan.


The series also featured training tips with Tip Top, an animated stick figure, and health tips.


The Mighty Mr. Titan was produced at Florida's Soundac Studios, the same studio that produced Colonel Bleep.


It appeared in syndication in 1965.

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Mr. Titan Productions / Soundac (Synd.) 1965

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