The Super 6

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The Super 6 were a group of crime-fighters for hire who worked for The Super Services Incorporated. Each of the heroes had a unique transformable talent which they applied to the tasks assigned to them.

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The series featured Elevator Man, Super Scuba, Granite Man, Magneto Man and Captain Whammo. Separate, component elements of the series featured Super Bwoing, a bumbling gumshoe disguised as a guitar-playing performer, and The Brothers Matzoriley, three Jewish-Irish brothers who actually were one person with three heads, each possessing a unique personality.

The series had a catchy title song performed by 60's pop-star Gary Lewis, son of comedian Jerry Lewis.

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The first made-for-TV cartoon from DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, The Super 6 was produced in association with Mirisch-Rich Television and originally seen on NBC-TV from September 10, 1966 through August 31, 1969.

Executive Producers: David DePatie and Friz Freleng.

Supervising Director: Gerry Chiniquy.

Directors: Steven Clark, Hawley Pratt,  Norm McCabe, George Singer, Robert McKimson and John Walker.

Story Supervisor: John Dunn.

Writers: Tony Benedict, Alan Dinehart, Don Jurwich, Walter Black, John Freeman, Lee Mishkin, Homer Brightman, Dale Hale, Jack Miller, Bill Danch, Bill Hamilton, Michael O'Conner, Art Diamond, Cal Howard and Jim Ryan.

Storyboard and Layout: Corny Cole, Burt Freund, Bob Givens, Norm Gottfredson, Jan Green, Dave Hanan, Lin Larsen, Marty Murphy, Tony Rivera, Jacques Rupp and Al Wilson. 

Animators: Frank Andrina, Bob Goe, Bob Matz, Dale Case, Manny Gould, Murray McClellan, Herman Cohen, Lee Halpern, Morey Redan, Jim Davis, Bill Hutten, Ed Soloman, Xenia Demattia, Art Leonardi, Ken Southworth, John Garling, Ed Love and Don Williams.

Backgrounds: Shelia Brown, Gloria Wood, Roger Collins and Tom Yakutis.

Supervising Film Editor: Lee Gunther.

Film Editors: Lou Gordon, Chuck McCann and Joseph J. Reitano.

Voices: Daws Butler  (Magneto Man, The Brothers Matzoriley), Pat Carroll, Paul Frees (Captain Whammo, The Brothers Matzoriley), Joan Gerber, June Foray, Arte Johnson (Super Scuba), Diana Maddox, Lynn Johnson (Granite Man), Charles Smith (Super Bwoing) and Paul Stewart (Elevator Man).

Music: Bill Lava. 

Production Managers: Basil Cox and Bill Orcutt.

Assistant Production Managers: Armand Shaw and Harry Love.

Title Song: Gary Lewis.


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"Super Service" (one per show)

Cement Mixup (Granite Man) The Matucci Venus (Granite Man) Who's Watching the Gold (Super Scuba)
Ship Of Mules (Captain Whammo) The Hessians Are Coming, The Hessians Are Coming (Captain Whammo) One Of Our Missiles is Missing (Super Scuba)
A Whale Of a Tale (Super Scuba) Down Please (Elevator Man) Having a Ball (Granite Man)
The Right Train On The Wrong Track (Granite Man) The Termite (Magneto Man) Will The Real Magnet Man Please Stand Up? (Magneto Man)
The Shapoor Caper (Elevator Man) London Britches Falling Down (Magnet Man) The Mummy Caper (Elevator Man)
The Fly (Elevator Man) Water Water Nowhere (Magneto Man) Smuggler's Cove (Super Scuba)
The Bad Brothers Ride Again (Captain Whammo)    

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"Super Bwoing" (one per show)

Coldpinky Easy Kid Stuff Thunder-8-Ball
Gopher Broke The Bomb Glom Hag Bag
Martian Mixup Jumping Jack Mayor-Go-Round
Monster Come Home Think Little Don't Gloat Red Coat
The Unidentified Floating Object The Karate Kid A Witch In a Ditch
Jerk And The Beanstalk Topsy-Turvy Time Traveler Little Shredded Riding Hood
The Man From Trash Who Put The Finger On Arnold Hangnail  

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"The Brothers Matzoriley" (one per show)

Ruin & Board A Knights Hard Day You Go To My Heads
Dirty Please High Moon The Jolly Green Gorilla
Heck's Angels Highway Slobbery Moby Richard
Road Scholars Heau-Beau Jest Window Pains
The Three Matzoteers No Biz Like Schmoe Biz A Tree Grows In Matorania
A Lone Shark Hide And Shriek Dog Napper
The Natzonauts Willy Of The Wilderness  

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Watch The Brothers Matzoriley in "Heau Beau Jest",
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