Space Angel was the code name of Scott McCloud, an agent for the Earth Bureau of Investigation. Devoted to the security and welfare of the solar system, McCloud and his crew roamed the universe in the super-spaceship, Starduster. The crew, who made up the bureau's Interplanetary Space Force, included Taurus, an expert pilot and mechanic; Crystal, a specialist in electronics and astro-navigation; and Crystal's father, Professor Mace, head of base station Evening Star.


Space Angel was created by Dik Darley and Dick Brown of Cambria Studios, the same studio which had produced Clutch Cargo . Like Clutch Cargo, It utilized Cambria's patented Synchro-Vox technique, which superimposed live-action moving lips over the mouths of the animated characters. The animation was severely limited, consisting of panel drawings and figures animated mainly by camera movements. Among those working on the art for the series was Alex Toth, a former National Comics (DC) artist who later designed Space Ghost and most of the other Hanna-Barbera super hero cartoons, and Doug Wildey, who created Jonny Quest for Hanna-Barbera and later worked on Hanna-Barbera's animated Godzilla and DePatie-Freleng's animated Return to the Planet of the Apes.


Space Angel first appeared in syndication on February 6, 1962 and production continued through 1964. The science fiction stories were serialized with five episodes comprising each adventure. Voices included Ned Lefebvre as Scott McCloud, with Margaret Kerry and Hal Smith providing other incidental voices.


Space Angel

Produced and Directed by Dick Brown.
Director of Cinematography - Edwin Gillette.
Art Director - Clark Haas.
Associate Director - Wes DePue.
Film Editor - Hal Dennis.
Camera Operation - Cliff Selkirk, Vic Fisher.
Special Effects - Roy Donavan
Production Assistants - Fred Darley, Bill Fitton.
Recording - Telesound.
Paint and Ink - C and D.
Art - Hi Mankin, Douglas Wildey, Al Toth, Ray Vinella, Charles Christianson, Jim Mabry, and Sal Trapani.
Story - Cecil Beard, Dave Detiege, and Warren Tuffs.
Voices - Hal Smith, Ned Lefebvre, Margaret Kerry, and Pat Kearin.
Financed by California Bank - Motion Picture Division.
A T-V Comic Strips, Inc. Production.
Distributed by Cartoon Distributors Corporation.
Synchro-Vox License by Edwin Gillette.


EPISODES (Five 5-minute parts per episode) :

1-5 - Space Hijackers (Solar Mirror)
6-10 - The Little People
11-15 - The Wizard of Eden
16-20 - Incident of the Loud Planet
21-25 - Expedition to a New Moon
26-30 - Cosmic Combat
31-35 - The Gladiators
36-40 - The Light Barrier
41-45 - The Slave World
46-50 - The Exiles
51-55 - The Saucer Caper
56-60  -Death of a Galaxy
61-65 - There Goes Danny
66-70 - Visitors from Outer Space
71-75 - Rescue Mission
76-80 - Space War
81-85 - Dragon Fire
86-90 - Flight of Hotshots
91-95 - The Fugitives
96-100 - The Encoder
101-105 - Project Hero
106-110 - The Frozen Planet
111-115 - The Plagued Planet
116-120 - The Donavan Plan
121-125 - Cosmic Search
126-130 - The Plot
131-135 - Name, Rank, and Serial Number
136-140 - Crystal's Anti Boy Friend
141-145 - They Went That A'Way
146-150 - Power Failure
151-155 - Scratch One Chimp
156-160 - Red Alert
161-165 - The Day The Earth Went Dark
166-170 - The Queen of the Three Suns
171-175 - Once Upon a Rainbow
176-180 - Welcome, Neighbor
181-185 - Space Angel Meets a Devil
186-190 - Top Secret
191-195 - How to Win a Space Race Without Really Trying
196-200 - The Gold City Blues
201-205 - The Not So Mythical Beast
206-210 - Count Down
211-215 - The Abominable Moon Man
216-220 - Dr. Kinkaid, I Presume
221-225 - Crisis in Orbit
226-230 - The Great Plain Robbery
231-235 - Take Me to Your Leader
236-240 - The Ghost and Crystal Mace
241-245 - The National Bank Chase
246-250 - Big Bertha Makes Peace
251-255 - Gopher Broke
256-260 - Conflict Nola




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