Originally aired September 6, 1969 - September 4, 1971 on ABC-TV
A Pantomime Pictures/Ken Snyder Production

Skyhawks, Inc. was a family-run daredevil air transport rescue service based at San Marcos Field. Widower Mike “Cap” Wilson, the leader of the team, learned how to fly as an Air Force Colonel in World War II. Pappy Wilson, his father, had been a World War I flying ace. Mike had 17-year old twins, Steve and Carolyn, and Pappy had two foster kids, 14-year old Baron "Red" Hughes and his 9-year old sister Cynthia. Mike’s girlfriend was Maggie McNally, and Joe Conway was the Skyhawks' chief mechanic. In an emergency, the team would save troubled charter planes, rescue helicopter pilots, transport air freight, or run secret government missions. San Marcos Field also was the home base of the Skyhawks' unscrupulous competitor, Buck Devlin and his pilots.

Created and Produced by Fred Crippen, Eddie Smardan and Ken Snyder
Associate Producers - Jeanne Lindsay, Dick Reed, Charles Phalen, Paul Shively, Joe Bruno
Supervising Director - George Singer
Directors - Paul Sommer, Joe Bruno, Norm McCabe
Script Consultant - Clark Howat
Writers - Tony Asher, Art Browne Jr., Peter Dixon, Roy Freeman, Luanne Gwynne, Bill Hines, Scott Joseph, Keith Kelsay, Don Nicholl, Martin Smith, Larry Thor, Worley Thorne
Layout - Morris Gollub, Doug Wildey, George Wheeler, Zygamond Jablecki, Don Sheppard, Herb Johnson, Mel Keefer, Alex Toth
Animation - George Canatta, Wesley Bennett, Bob Trochim, Dave Tendlar, Dave Brain, Herb Rothwell, Floyd Norman, Bill Hutton
Assistant Animation - Mary Peters, Fred Meyers, Wm Higgins
Background Supervisor - Lorraine Andrina
Background - Al Gmuer, Janet Brown, Donald Peters, Tony Rizzo, Ted Littlefield, Mike Kawaguchi, John Park, Peter Van Elk, David Lopez, Ann Guenther
Production Supervision - Sam S. Kai
Checking - Lynn Singer, Kathy Barrows, Anita Flynn, Ginny Chapman, Elaine Miller, Beverly Ann Ware, Yvonne Batson, Renee Henning
Ink and Paint - Connie Crawley
Camera - Wally Bulloch, Fred Wellington, Ray Bloss, Animated Film Service
Music by Jack Fascinato
Theme Music by Mike Curb and the Curbstones
Supervising Editor - Roger Donley
Editors - Bob Linvall, John Casey, Dee Futch, George Nicholson, Skip Lusk, John Butterrath
Technical Design - Leonard Stobar, Mel Ako
Sound - Peter Armstrong
Special Assistants - Nancy Waters, Fred Lorenzin
Produced at Pantomime Pictures
Executive Producer - Kenneth C. T. Snyder
A Production of Ken Snyder Properties
Introducing Perspectamation


Captain Mike Wilson - Michael Rye
Steve Wilson - Casey Kasem
Caroline Wilson -
Iris Rainer
Pappy Wilson - Dick Curtis
Maggie McNalley - Joan Gerber
Baron "Red" Hughes - Dick Curtis
Cynthia 'Mugs' Hughes - Melinda Casey
Buck Devlin - Bob Arbogast
Joe Conway - Casey Kasem

Skyhawks was a 17-episode series sponsored by Mattel Toys. Each episode consisted of two adventures.


Night Flight  Flight to Danger (Big Wet Bird) 
Untamed Wildcat  Silent Flight 
The Search  Mission to Avalanche Wells 
Lobster Pirates  The Message 
Hidden Valley  The Snooper 
Bams Away  Vacation with Danger 
The Radioactive Lake  Circus Train 
The Sniffers  Hot Wire on Storm Mountain 
Fire in the Tree  Runaway Ride 
The Duster  Animal Airline 
Discover Flying  Pappy to the Rescue 
The Intruders  Trouble Times Three 
Operation Slingshot  Dog Fight 
Quick Frozen  All at Sea 
Ground Zero Devlin's Dilemma 
Barnstormer's Circus  The Peril of the Prince 
Carrier Pigeon  Mercy Flight

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