Sinbad Jr., the Sailor

Hanna-Barbera produced this series which chronicled the adventures of Sinbad Jr., the son of the famed seafarer, Sinbad. Joined by his first mate Salty, a talking parrot (voiced by Mel Blanc) who provided comic relief, Sinbad Jr. (voiced by Tim Matthieson, the original voice of Hanna-Barbera's Jonny Quest), became superhuman through the use of his magic belt.

Hanna-Barbera's Sinbad Jr.

The character of Sinbad Jr. was originally created by Sam Singer, who had produced 1957's The Adventures of Pow Wow, a very limited animated cartoon for CBS-TV's Captain Kangaroo series. Singer produced the pilot as an episode of his 1959 Bucky and Pepito series. The episode, entitled "Sailor's Story" featured a blond-haired Sinbad Jr. 

Sam Singer's original Sinbad Jr.,
as seen in an episode of Bucky and Pepito

Sam Singer changed the looks of the character when he went into production on the first series of Sinbad Jr. cartoons in 1960. With voices by Dal McKinnon, the cartoons were originally slated to be released by Trans-Artists, the TV distribution company headed by Singer. 


Sam Singer's new version of Sinbad Jr.,
originally scheduled to appear in 1960.

Unfortunately, Singer could not release the series because the Sinbad character was owned by American International.  They eventually reached an agreement and the cartoons were released by American International Television in 1965, along with the new cartoons produced by Hanna-Barbera.

Compare Sam Singer's version of Sinbad Jr. with Hanna-Barbera's version!

Click on this link to watch Sam Singer's Sinbad Jr. and the Instant Nothing, in RealVideo

Click on this link to watch Hanna-Barbera's Sinbad Jr. "Abou Ben Blubbo", in RealVideo

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