Roger Ramjet 

Famous California radio personality Gary Owens (the original voice of Space Ghost and the announcer on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In) provided the voice of Roger Ramjet who, with the American Eagle Squadron, protects the American way from the no-good Noodles Romanoff and the evil organization, N.A.S.T.Y. (the National Association of Spies, Traitors and Yahoos.). Other villains included Jacqueline Hyde, Henry Cabbage Patch, Count Bat Guy, the Toil of Olé, Red Dog, Dr. Frank N. Schwein, the Solenoid Robots and the Height Brothers (Cronk, Horse, Gezundt).

Noodles Romanoff

An internationally famous good-guy, Roger received his assignments from the Pentagon's General G.I. Brassbottom. When he got in a jam, Roger relied on his secret weapon, the Proton Energy Pill, which gave him the power of twenty atom bombs for a period of twenty seconds. In situations where the pill's effects wore off, or when his supply of pills was depleted, the Eagle Squadron came to his rescue.

Roger and the American Eagles

The Eagles were a group of bright, brave youngsters who included Yank (a junior version of Roger), Doodle (short and chubby, with a love for food that often gets him into trouble) , Dan (a mathematic and electronic genius wearing the stereotypical glasses) and Dee (the only female in the troupe). Though loyal, these astute Squadron members sometimes questioned their leader's antics.

Dan, Dee, Doodle and Yank

The show also featured "Ma" Ramjet, a sweet but rowdy old lady; Lotta Love, Roger's sweetheart; and playboy and ace test pilot, Lance Crossfire, Roger's rival for Lotta's affection.

Roger and Lance Crossbottom

Gene Moss and Jim Thurman, the writers of the series, went on to create "Shrimpenstein", a local TV Show which aired in Los Angeles on KHJ-TV Channel 9 (now KCAL-TV) in the mid 1960's. Shrimpenstein was a miniature Frankenstein-like ventriloquist dummy. Moss also hosted the show, appearing as Dr. Von Schtick, and Thurman also provided voices. 

Shrimpenstein, along with Gene Moss as Dr. Von Schtick
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July 15, 2002: Roger Ramjet Co-Writer Gene Moss Dies At 75

Raquelle de la Rocha sent me the following sad news:

"To: <>
Subject: Death of Gene Moss, writer of Roger Ramjet
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 07:32:43 -0700

With great sadness I report that Gene Moss died on Tuesday July 16th, in Palm Desert, California after a brief fight with pancreatic cancer.  Memorial Services will be held at 6pm on Saturday July 27th at the Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City, California."

REUTERS reported that Moss died of cancer on July 15, 2002 at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California. In addition to writing the episodes, and providing the voices of Noodles Romanoff and Doodle on the Ramjet series,  Moss is also remembered as the voice of Smokey the Bear, which he performed in radio and TV ads from 1979 through 1989. Moss is survived by Carolyn, his wife of 30 years, his three children and his six grandchildren.

April 14, 2007: Roger Ramjet Co-Writer Jim Thurman Dies At 72

VARIETY.COM reported that Thurman died in Sheffield, MA, on April 14, 2007 after a short illness.  In addition to co-writing the Roger Ramjet episodes, he also wrote for "Sesame Street," "The Electric Company," "321 Contact," Jim Henson's "The Muppet Show," and performed voices such as "Sesame Street's" Teeny Little Super Guy. He is survived by his wife, Patricia; two sons; a daughter; four grandchildren; and a sister.


Producer - Fred Crippen 
Associate Producers - Dick Reed, Paul Shively
Supervising Director - Fred Crippen
Writers - Gene Moss, Jim Thurman
Production Coordinator - Fred Calvert
Animators - Don Schloat, Alan Zaslove, George Nicholas, Bill Hutton, Fred Crippen
Background - Jack Heiter
Layout - Rosemary O'Conner, Sam Weiss, Dave Hanan, Joe Bruno, Bob Kurtz
Sound Effects - Phil Kaye
Ink and Paint - Constance Crawley
Checking - Dottie Mullens
Camera - Jerry Smith, Roger Brown, Larry Hogan
Sound - TV Recorders, Western Recorders
Music by Ivan Ditmars
Edited by Dee Futch
Executive Producer - Kenneth C. T. Snyder
Produced by Snyder-Koren Productions/Pantomime Pictures, Inc.
Originally syndicated in 1965 by CBS Films
Voices -
Roger Ramjet: Gary Owens
Yank: Dick Beals
Dan: Dick Beals
Dee: Joanie Gerber
Lotta Love: Joanie Gerber
Doodle: Gene Moss
Noodles Romanoff: Gene Moss
Gen. G.I. Brassbottom: Bob Arbogast
Ma Ramjet: Bob Arbogast
Lance Crossfire: Paul Shively
Red Dog: Paul Shively
Dr. Evilkisser: Gene Moss
Announcer: Dave Ketchum
Other voices: Ken Snyder, Jim Thurman

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