Q.T. Hush featured the adventures of a diminutive private eye and his "private nose" bloodhound, Shamus. Q.T. and Shamus combined forces to solve baffling crimes and mysteries in this series of cliff-hanging animated adventures.


Q. T. Hush had a love/hate relationship with Police Chief Muldoon, and assisted him in jailing criminals by transforming himself into a cigar smoking shadow named Quincy, who operated independently of Q. T. in tracking down clues.


Featured criminals included the Scavenger Hill Mob; kidnappers Yo Yo and Ping Pong; Baffles, an elusive international jewel thief; racketeers Al Cologne, a hood, and his henchman, Looie; Professor Zappo and his stooge, Gootch; Dr. Tickle, a magician who turned into the evil Mr. Snide when he drank Meany-Mix; and One Ton, an Oriental art thief.


Q. T. Hush premiered in syndication on September 24, 1960. The 100 three-and-a-half-minute cartoons were produced by Max and Arthur Alexander for Animation Associates and was distributed by National Telefilm Associates.  The cartoons originally aired on stations such as WABC-TV, New York, where they aired as a half-hour series Monday through Friday at 6:30 PM and again weekday mornings on The Tommy Seven Show hosted by Ed Bakey and featuring other cartoons such as Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse.  WGN-TV, in Chicago, used them as filler on their locally-hosted Dick Tracy cartoon show with Ray Rayner.



The Rhyme Line Caper 1-10 The Protection Plan Caper 11-20
The Red-Eyed Raven Caper 21-30  The Statue Of Liberty Caper 31-40 
The Magic Mix-Up Caper 41-50  The Doomsday Caper 51-60 
The Goofy Ghost Caper 61-70  The Big Masquerade 71-80 
The Carnival Caper 81-90  The Peeky-Poo Caper 91-100 

Watch episode nine and ten of "The Statue of Liberty Caper"

See an episode of Q.T. Hush, in RealVideo -

Q. T. Hush "The Statue of Liberty Caper"

Episode One, "Taking Liberty"

Animation Associates/M. and A. Alexander/NTA (syndicated) 1960

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