Milton the Monster first appeared October 9, 1965 on ABC-TV, and ran for 26 episodes through September 8, 1968. Produced by Hal Seeger Productions, it was their first animated cartoon for network television. Many people felt that Milton was Hal Seeger attempt to capitalize on the 1964 horror-comedy trend which included The Munsters and The Addams Family TV series. However, as Hal Erickson noted in his Television Cartoon Shows book, Milton the Monster had been in production long before those two series aired and it was slated to debut in fall 1964 until various production delays pushed it back to October 1965.

"It's thrilling and chilling,
and oh so shock filling,
The Milton the Monster Show;
It's daring and scaring,
you'll find yourself staring,
at Milton the Monster's Show;
Your flesh will creep,
your heart will thump,
the sites will paralyze;
But then you'll see the strangest things
that ever met your eyes!
It's loony and goony,
and practically swoony;
You'll shake and you'll quake,
at the sights that they make,
on The Milton the Monster Show!
Introducing the star of the show, Milton the Monster.
He blows his stack
when he flips his lid;
Although he's a monster
he's just a big kid;
And now he's ready to go,
on The Milton the Monster Show."


Milton was a loveable, friendly Frankenstein-type monster with a southern accent similar to TV's Gomer Pyle. Milton was created by Professor Weirdo and his assistant, Count Kook in their laboratory atop of Horror Hill. His loveable personality had been the result of a lab accident during his creation. Professor Weirdo, in his haste, accidentally added too much tenderness and Milton was the result.

Narrator: "On top of old Horror Hill, in a secret laboratory,
Professor Weirdo and Count Kook were in their monstrous glory."

Professor Weirdo: "Six drops of essence of terror,
Five drops of sinister sauce."

Count Kook: "When the stirring's done, may I lick the spoon?"
Professor Weirdo: "Of Course, Ha ha, of course;
Now for the tincture of tenderness, but I must use only a touch;
For without a touch of tenderness it might destroy me, oops, too much;
Better hold your breath it's starting to tick."

Count Kook: "Better hold my hand I'm feeling sick!"
Milton: "Hello Daddy."
Professor Weirdo: "What have I done?"
Milton: "I'm Milton, your brand new son!"


Because Milton was so good and loveable, Professor Weirdo and Count Kook spent many sleepless nights plotting ways to gently boot him out of the castle. Also living in Weirdo's castle atop Horror Hill were two other creatures, Heebie and Jeebie, who joined in the adventures.


Listen to a song from Milton the Monster, in RealAudio

We Are Three Monsters

Bob McFadden
From The Milton The Monster Show

Hal Seeger Productions (ABC-TV) 1965


Also appearing in the series was miniature super hero Fearless Fly. This cartoon told the story of Hiram, a meek little insect who, whenever trouble arose, would slip into a match box, don super-powered glasses, and emerge as Fearless Fly.


Hiram hung out at the Sugar Bowl with his girlfriend Flora, and his rival Horsey Fly. Creating havoc for Fearless were such adversaries as the Oriental villain, Dr. Goo Fee and his henchman Gung Ho. Even Milton's Professor Weirdo, falling under a temporary mad scientist spell, appeared as a villain in a few adventures.


Others animated components of The Milton the Monster Show included Flukey Luke (a cowboy hero joined by Two Feathers, his faithful Indian companion with an Irish brogue), Penny Penguin (a bratty little penguin kid), Stuffy Durma (the millionaire hobo) and Muggy Doo, Boy Fox (a foxy con man who was originally portrayed as a cat in a 1963 theatrical adventure from Hal Seeger, released by Paramount Pictures). 



Producer/Director: Hal Seeger.
Animators: Shamus Culhane, Myron Waldman, James Tyer, Tom Golden, Arnie Levy, Ken Walker,
Graham Place, Otto Feuer, I. Klein, Morey Reden, Bill Ackerman, Irving Dressler, John Gentilella.
Scenics: Robert Owen, Frank Dorso, John Zago.
Writers: Jack Mercer, Kin Platt, Heywood Kling.
Music: Winston Sharples, Winston Sharples Jr., Joel Herron, Fred Steiner.


Milton: Bob McFadden, Professor Weirdo/Fearless Fly/Stuffy Durma/Flukey Luke: Dayton Allen,
Count Kook/Muggy Doo/Two Feathers: Larry Best, Penny Penguin: Beverly Arnold,
Other voices: Herb Duncan, Hetty Galen, Zel DeCyr.



Episode 1 - Fearless Fly in "Trick or Treatment", Flukey Luke in "Loot Pursuit", and Milton the Monster in "Zelda the Zombie".
Episode 2 - Fearless Fly in "Horse Shoo Fly", Muggy-Doo in "Gogh Van Gogh", and Milton the Monster in "Boy Meets Ghoul".
Episode 3 - Fearless Fly in "Fatty Karate", Muggy-Doo in "You Auto Be in Pictures", and Milton the Monster in "Monsters for Hire".
Episode 4 - Fearless Fly in "Captain Fligh", Muggy-Doo in "Muggy-Doo or Die", and Milton the Monster in "Who Do Voodoo".
Episode 5 - Fearless Fly in "The Goofy Doctor Goo-Fee", Muggy-Doo in "Riches to Rags", and Milton the Monster in "The Pot Thickens".
Episode 6 - Fearless Fly in "Sly Fly", Stuffy Durma in "From Wrecks to Riches", and Milton the Monster in "Medium Undone".
Episode 7 - Fearless Fly in "Throne for a Loss", Flukey Luke in "Missin' Masters", and Milton the Monster in "Monster Mutiny".
Episode 8 - Fearless Fly in "Bombs Rush", Penny the Penguin in "There Auto Be a Law", and Milton the Monster in "Ghoul School".
Episode 9 - Fearless Fly in "Fly Hijack", Stuffy Durma in "Tired Gun", and Milton the Monster in "Hector the Protector".
Episode 10 - Fearless Fly in "Si Si Fly", Flukey Luke in "Palace Malice", and Milton the Monster in "Horrorbaloo".
Episode 11 - Fearless Fly in "House Fly Guest", Muggy-Doo in "Fortune Kooky", and Milton the Monster in "Goon Platoon".
Episode 12 - Fearless Fly in "Invincible Vs Invisible", Stuffy Durma in "Suit Yourself", and Milton the Monster in "The Dummy Talks".
Episode 13 - Fearless Fly in "Fly by Might", Stuffy Durma in "Hobo Hootenanny", and Milton the Monster in "A Pie in the Sky".
Episode 14 - Fearless Fly in "Phinx Jinx", Penny Penguin in "Penny Ante", and Milton the Monster in "Monstrous Escape".
Episode 15 - Fearless Fly in "The Spider Spiter", Penny Penguin in "Sickened Honeymoon", and Milton the Monster in "Abercrombie the Zombie".
Episode 16 - Fearless Fly in "Fly Meets the Monsters", Muggy-Doo in "Crumb-Bumming", and Milton the Monster in "V for Vampire".
Episode 17 - Milton the Monster in "Monster Vs Mobster", Fearless Fly in "Martians Meet Their Match", and Milton the Monster in "Witch Crafty".
Episode 18 - Milton the Monster in "Camp Glitchy Gloomy", Fearless Fly in "Let's Phase It", and Milton the Monster in "The Hearse Thief".
Episode 19 - Milton the Monster in "Boo to You", Fearless Fly in "Under Waterloo", and Milton the Monster in "Kid Stuff".
Episode 20 - Milton the Monster in "Horror Scope", Fearless Fly in "Lady Deflyan", and Milton the Monster in "Flying Cup and Saucer".
Episode 21 - Milton the Monster in "Monster Sitter", Fearless Fly in "Robinson Shoe Sole", and Milton the Monster in "The Moon Goons".
Episode 22 - Milton the Monster in "Think Shrink", Fearless Fly in "Private Fly", and Milton the Monster in "Skullgaria Forever".
Episode 23 - Milton the Monster in "Crumby Mummy", Fearless Fly in "Stage Flight", and Milton the Monster in "Fort Fangenstein".
Episode 24 - Milton the Monster in "Safari Harry", Fearless Fly in "Nuggets to You", and Milton the Monster in "Bat Nap".
Episode 25 - Milton the Monster in "Dunkin Treasure", Fearless Fly in "Ferocious Fly", and Milton the Monster in "Monstrous Monster".
Episode 26 - Fearless Fly in "Napoleon Bonafly", Flukey Luke in "Violin Violence", and Milton the Monster in "Mummy's Thumb".

Listen to the theme songs, in RealAudio

The Milton the Monster Show 1

Hal Seeger Productions (ABC-TV) 1965

The Milton the Monster Show 2

Hal Seeger Productions (ABC-TV) 1965

Fearless Fly

(The Milton the Monster Show)

Hal Seeger Productions (ABC-TV) 1965

Stuffy Durma

(The Milton the Monster Show)

Hal Seeger Productions (ABC-TV) 1965

Penny Penguin

(The Milton the Monster Show)

Hal Seeger Productions (ABC-TV) 1965



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HAL SEEGER (1917 - 2005)

Hal Seeger passed away on March 13, 2005 at the age of 87. Beloved husband of the late Beverly. Loving father of Susan, Charlene, Mindy, David and Efrem. Dear grandfather of ten. Hal was a filmmaker, T.V. producer and creator of Batfink, Milton the Monster and many other hit animated cartoon series. Funeral services were held March 15, 2005, at 11:30 am at the Sanctuary of Abraham and Sarah, located at Cedar Park Cemetery, Paramus, NJ.

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