A New World Production
Syndicated in 1960 by United Artists Television

Mel-O-Toons was a series of six-minute color fillers which used limited animation to illustrate preexisting 45 rpm children's records. Some of the cartoons featured famous legends, fairy tales and literary works, while others offered classical music as background to animal stories, using narration by top announcers such as Don Wilson, Stan Freberg, Patrick McGeehan, Art Gilmore and Jane Pickens.  

Hansel and Gretel

The series was originally developed to showcase the works of author Thornton Burgess (Peter Cottontail, Paddy the Beaver) utilizing both live-action and animated segments. It was expanded to 104 episodes which necessitated using material other than the work of Burgess. 

Incomplete Episode Listing:
(click on a hyper-linked title to see a picture from the episode)

The Enchanted Horse

The Trojan Horse

Ali Baba



Hansel and Gretel 

Robin Hood

The Emperor's Nightingale 

El Torito


The Magic Clock

Noah and the Ark


Sleeping Beauty

Sparky's Magic Echo

Diana And The Golden Apples

Dinky Pinky

Flying Carpet

Peer Gynt's Adventures in Arabia

Little Johnny Everything

Miguel The Mighty Matador

Peppy Possum

Sir Lancelot


Snow White

Peer Gynt in The Hall Of The Mountain King

The Seasons

Treasure Island

Peer Gynt in The Stormy Sea


The Red Shoes

Omicron and Sputnik

Hunters of the Sea

Christopher Columbus

Peter and the Wolf

The Little Hawk

David and Goliath


Daniel Boone

Knights of Old

Paul Bunyon

The King's Trumpet

Peter Cottontail

Tom Sawyer

The Eagle and the Thrush

Paddy the Beaver

Little Sambo

Waltz Of The Flowers

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