(ABC-TV Filmation / 20th Century Fox / September 9, 1967-September 6, 1969)

Based on the novel by Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth focused on Professor Oliver Lindenbrook's expedition to the Earth's core. Lindenbrook is joined by his neice, Cindy, student Alec Hewitt, and Lars, a guide who takes along his pet duck Gertrude. Along the way his expedition uncovers the trail of Arnie Saccnuson, a lone explorer who earlier succeeded to reach the Earth's core. Unfortunately, Arnie Saccnuson took the secret of the trail to his grave after breaking his leg while journeying alone. Arnie's last living relative, the evil Count Saccnuson, secretly follows the Lindenbrook expedition, wanting to claim the Earth's core for his own diabolical purposes. Count Saccnuson instructs his servant, Torg, to set off an explosion which seals the entrance to the trail, trapping all of them inside the Earth. The series deals with the adventures that occur as the gang attempts to return to the Earth's surface.


Arena of Fear Caveman Captives
The Creature World Creatures of the Swamp
The Doomed Island Frozen Furies
The Labyrinth Builders Land of the Dead
The Living City The Living Totems
Moths of Doom Ocean of Destruction
Perils of Volcano Island Return of Gulliver
Revenge of the Fossils Sleeping Slaves of Zeerah
Trail of Gold

 TED KNIGHT as Prof Oliver Lindenbrook and Count Saccnuson
JANE WEBB as Cindy Lindenbrook
PAT HARRINGTON JR as Alec McEwen, Lar and Torg  

Executive Producer: Louis Scheimer, Norman Prescott / Music: Gordon Zahler / Director: Hal Sutherland

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