"There goes Jerry Lewis.
But he's right over here.
Well which one is he really?
It's not very clear.
'Cause he's here, there, everywhere
Up the street, down the stairs
Running, jumping, slipping, sliding,
Laughing, singing, then he's hiding
Was he, is he, in a tizzy
Something's cooking, is he busy
Comin' goin' yes-and-no'in.
Did you think he's overflowin'
Kitchen sink is overflowin'
Goin' round revolving doors
Interlopin' dinosaurs
Getting wet, in a jet,
dancing to the castanets.
Lookin' round foreign spy,
there he goes, private eye.
It's so confusin'
But so amusin'
What is he doing now?"


(Filmation / ABC-TV / September 12, 1970 - September 2, 1972)

Will The Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down was an animated series produced by Filmation Associates that aired on ABC-TV beginning in 1970.  It featured various characters from Jerry Lewis films.  In the series Jerry works for Mr. Blunderbuss at the Odd Jobs Employment Agency. Each week Mr. Blunderbuss sends Jerry out on a new job, and each week Jerry finds a new way to screw up. Jerry's voice was provided by David L. Lander, later known for his role of Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley. Other voices were done by Howard Morris and Jane Webb.



-Computer Suitor
-2 1/2 Ring Circus
-Good Luck Charm
-Out to Launch
-Watch of the Rhino
-How Green Was My Valet
-To Beep... Or Not To Beep
-Movie Madness!
-Jerry Goes Ape
-Haunted House Guest
-Shipboard Romance
-Hokus Pokus
-Double Trouble
-Crash Course
-Double Uh-Oh



Produced by Lou Scheimer, Norm Prescott
Directed by Hal Sutherland
Animation Directors: Reuben Timmons, Rudy Larriva
Production Manager: Rock Benedict
Written By: Jack Mendelsohn, Jim Mulligan, Jim Ryan, Bill Danch, Bob Ogle, Chuck Menville, Len Jansen
Art Director: Don Christensen
Key Assistant: Mike Hazy
Layout: Don Bluth, Herb Hazelton, Jim Davis, Alberto De Mello, Jaime Diaz, Tom Knowles, Jack Manning, Z.T. Jablecki, Janet Brown, Jim Mueller
Storyboard: Sherman Labby, Mike O'Conner, Jack Miller
Background Director: Erv Kaplan
Background Artists: Paul Xander, Maurice Harvey, Bill Loudenslager, Patricia Frye, Phil Lewis, Doug Stevenson
Animators: Amby Paliwoda, Kaem Wong, Ben Shenkman, George Waiss, Louise Sandoval, Russ von Neida, Virgil Ross, Ralph Somerville, Len Rogers, Ed Solomon, Ed Rehberg, Hank Smith, Lenn Redman, Larry Silverman, Virgil Raddatz, Bill Pratt, Norm McCabe, Barney Posner, Marshall Lamore, Rod Parkes, Paul Krukowski, Jack Ozark, George Kreisl, Casey Onaitis, Les Kaluza, Bill Nunes, Lou Kachivas, Larry Miller, Marie Jursic, Bob Matz, Karen Haus, Laverne Harding, Butch Davis, Lee Halpern, Emil Carle, Dick Hall, Herman Cohen, Z. Gasparovic, Bob Bransford, Frank Gonzales, Jim Brummett, Fred Grable, Ted Bonnicksen, Otto Feuer, Bill Ackerman, Ed Friedman
Voices: Howard Morris (Mr. Blunderbuss, Ralph Rotten Lewis, Won Ton Son, Prof. Lewis, Hong Kong Lewis, Uncle Seadog), Jane Webb (Rhonda, Geraldine Lewis), David Lander (Jerry Lewis)
The Jerry Lewis Theme Song Performed by Richard Delvy, Ed Fournier for Ricky Sheldon Prod., a division of Richard Delvy Ent., Inc.
Background Music: Jeff Michael, George Blais
Checking Supervision: Marion Turk, Jane Philippi
Ink and Paint Supervision: Martha Buckley, Betty Brooks
Xerography: John Remmel
Prints by Technicolor
Camera Supervision: Sergio Antonio Alcazar, R.W. Pope, Frank A. Parrish, John D. Aardal, Ted C. Bemiller, Mike Kinney, Luis Melendez Jr., Tony Rivetti, Dennis M. Lady
Editorial: Joseph Simon, Jim Blodgett
Film Co-Ordinator: June Gilham
Music and Sound Effects by Horta-Mahana Corporation, Jan Moore
Produced by Filmation Associates, a TelePrompTer Company
©Filmation Assoc., 1970



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