(DePatie-Freleng/NBC-TV 9/6/69 - 9/4/71)

Here Comes the Grump is set in a strange, distant, vibrantly colorful land ruled by the benevolent Princess Dawn. The Grump, an unhappy fellow residing in her kingdom, hopes to spread his perpetual bad mood throughout the kingdom by placing a curse of gloom on the poor princess. 


The Princess, along with  her doglike companion, Bib, recruits the help of Terry Dexter, a young American boy voiced by Jay “Dennis the Menace” North,  to somehow reverse the spell and free the kingdom from its gloomy state. Their task: to search the Land of 1000 Caves for the hidden Cave of the Whispering Orchids. There, they would find the Crystal Key, which was the only thing that could break the curse.


Each week, the trio searched for this elusive key, encountering imaginative lands inhabited by such strange characters as the Eenie Meenie Miners and the Cork Men.


The Grump, traveling around in a bright pink costume and accompanied by the less-than-menacing Jolly Green Dragon, is in continuous pursuit of the trio, in hopes of thwarting their attempts to retrieve the key. The Grump, voiced by the handlebar mustached Rip Taylor, was far more humorous than scary or grumpy. His cohort, the Dragon was equally ineffective, spouting fire only when he would accidentally sneeze.


Terry Dexter: Jay North 
Princess Dawn: Stefanianna Christopher 
The Grump: Rip Taylor 


"The Bloodywine Battle", "The Great Grump Crunch", "The Great Thorn Forest", "The Eenie Meenie Miner", "The Good Ghost Ship", "Grump Meets Peter Paintbrush", "The Lemonade Sea", "Beware of Giants", "Joltin' Jack in Boxia", "Visit to a Ghost Town", "A Mess for King Midix", "The Show of Shoe-Cago", "Witch is Witch?", "The Yuks of Gagville", "Toilin' Toolie Birds", "The Grand Slam of Door City", "Under the Pea Green Sea", "Sugar and Spite", "The Great Shampoo of Snow White City", "The Grump Meets the Grough-Grooch", "The Wily Wheelies", "The Blabbermouth of Echo Island", "With Malice in Blunderland", "Apachoo Choo Choo", "A Hitch in Time", "The Shaky Shutter Bugs", "Sno Land Like Snow Land", "Good Grief, Mother Goose", "The Bailed-Up Bloonywoonies", "Cherub Land", "Meet the Blockheads", "Hoppy-Go-Lucky Hippetty Hoppies", "Blunderland Flying Machine".

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Here Comes The Grump

Mirisch-DePatie-Freleng Productions (NBC-TV) 1969


All 34 episodes
on 3 DVD's
from Image Entertainment

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Relive the magic or discover for the first time this fantastical, funny cartoon series through this delightful 34-episode collection! The bumbling, goofy Grump (Rip Taylor) has placed a curse of gloom all over the land; now it's up to Princess Dawn, her doglike companion Blip (Mel Blanc, voice of Bugs Bunny) and young Terry (Dennis the Menace's Jay North) to save the kingdom - and only the Crystal Key can break the curse! Each episode they take off in their balloon-car on a series of incredible adventures as they search for the Key, hidden in the Cave of the Whispering Orchids in the Land of 1000 Caves. Along the way they meet strange, surprising and wonderful characters such as the Eenie Meenie Miners, the Toilin' Toolie Birds and the Wily Wheelies. Of course, the Grump, traveling on his Jolly Green Dragon, is never far behind. From the brilliant Academy Award-winning creators of the Pink Panther cartoon classics, Friz Freleng (developer of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck) and David DePatie, these popular animated shorts for all ages propel you into a hilariously surreal, fun-filled world!  Bonus material includes an interview with producer David DePatie.

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