Combined Miniature Defense Force. 

Project: Fantastic Voyage 

Process: Miniaturization. 

Authority: Top Secret, highest clearance. 

Team: Jonathan Kidd, Commander. Guru, master of mysterious powers. Erica Lane, doctor/biologist. Busby Birdwell, scientist/inventor, builder of the Voyager. 

Mission: In their miniaturized form, combat the unseen, unsuspected enemies of freedom. 

Time Limit: 12 hours." 


Based on the live-action movie released by 20th Century Fox, Fantastic Voyage appeared on ABC-TV from September 14, 1968 through September 5, 1970. It was produced by Filmation Associates in association with Twentieth Century Fox, and was the story of the C.M.D.F. (Combined Miniature Defense Force), a secret United States government organization which possessed the ability to reduce people to microscopic size. The characters were Commander Jonathan Kidd; biologist Erica Lane; scientist Busby Birdwell; and a master of mysterious powers known as The Guru. The team was reduced in size and traveled around in a microscopic plane, the Voyager, doing battle against the unseen, unsuspecting enemies of the free world (both criminal and germinal matter). The series was based upon the 1966 movie of the same name and featured the voices of Marvin Miller, Jane Webb, and Ted Knight. The producers were Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott, the director was Hal Sutherland, and the music was provided by Gordon Zahler.


According to Animation by Filmation, the character of Erica Lane was named after producer Lou Scheimer's children, Erica and Lane. Both Erica and Lane would do voice work for Filmation in the seventies.


The Gathering of the Team The Menace from Space
The Magic Crystal of Kabala The Atomic Invaders
The Master Spy The Mind of the Master
Gone Today, Here Tomorrow The Day the Food Disappeared
Revenge of the Spy The Hobby House 
The Great Busby The Spy Satellite
First Men on the Moon The Barnacle Bombs 
The Perfect Crime The World's Fair Affair
The Most Dangerous Game 


Commander Jonathan Kidd, Professor Carter & Narrator - Ted Knight 
Erica Lane - Jane Webb 
Busby Birdwell & Guru - Marvin Miller 


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