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Brad Bird created Family Dog back in his California Institute of the Arts days. In 1986, Bird was able to interest Steven Spielberg in the premise. In 1987, Family Dog appeared as an animated episode of Spielberg's Amazing Stories anthology series on NBC-TV. Stan Freberg provided the voice of the father in this one-shot cartoon about a mischievous family dog and his unloving family. 

Later, in the early 90's after the success of the prime-time Simpsons cartoon, plans were made to make Family Dog into a series. Steven Spielberg and Tim (Beetlejuice) Burton were the executive producers and ten episodes were made by Wang Film Productions. Brad Bird's original concept of family life through the eyes of the dog remained, but Bird was involved in other cartoon work and unable to contribute further to the series so Spielberg took an active role. An unknown, Doug Coffin, had been cast in the role of the Family Dog's adult owner Mr. Binford. Coffin did an excellent job, but was replaced by comic actor Martin Mull in an effort to give the series more "big name" recognition. Comedy writer Dennis Klein, who knew nothing about animated cartoons, was brought in. Several episodes were produced, but Burton and Spielberg weren't happy with the finished product and shelved it for retooling. Spielberg spent a small fortune to beef up the quality of the series, even hiring Nelvana to come in and reanimate large parts of it. Eventually five of the ten episodes produced in 1992 were aired. They were scheduled on CBS-TV from June 23, 1993 through July 21, 1993 as a summer replacement series.



Martin Mull - Skip Binford
Molly Cheek - Beverly Binford
Danny Mann - Family Dog
Zak Huxtable Epstein - Billy Binford
Cassie Cole - Buffy Binford

Occasional characters (guest stars):

Bruce McGill - Martin Mahoney
Deanna Oliver - Trish Mahoney


Executive Producers - Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, and Dennis Klein

Producer - Chuck Richardson

Directed by Chris Buck

Casting: Robert Litvak

Family Dog created by Brad Bird

Family Dog theme composed and conducted by Danny Elfman

Additional music composed by Steve Bartek

Supervising Producer: Stephen Hodgins

Line Producer: Heather Walker

Production Managers: Peggy Regan, Steve Chadwick, Carolyn Walters

Administrative Executive: Thad Weinlein

Art Directors: David Cutler, Kim Cleary

Models: Vicky Scott, Matthew Bates, Sandy Kopitopoulos, Trish Burgio, Christi West

Color Models: Bridget Stother, Jill Sturdivant

Backgrounds: Al Budnick, Larry Grossman, Jeff Riche, Don Watson

Layout Supervisors: Guy Vasilovich, Dave Pemberton

Layout: Gay Lawrence - Ventura, Valerio Lawrence - Ventura

Supervising Animators: Klay R. Hall, Ron Hughart, Becky Bristow

Supervising Post Production Editor: Rob Kirkpatrick

Post Production Manager: Lan Lamon

Picture Editor: Evan Landis

Supervising Sound Editor: Mac Holyoke

Assistant Picture Editor: Mhairi Kerr

Pre-production Editor: Darrell MacDonald

Breakdown Editors: Rick Dubiel, Ken Hurlbut, Terry Capter, Fred Spek, Steve Schnier

Dialogue Editors: Keith Traver, Annellie Samuel, Mark Grosicki, Chris Harris

Sound Effects Editors: John Baktis, Glenn Barna, Eric Mattar-Hurlbut

Music Editors: Stephen Hudecki, Peter Branton

Re-recording Engineer: Tony van den Akker

Negative Cutting Services: Catherine Rankin Productions

Laboratory Services: Interlock, Magnetic North, Multitrack Digital Inc., The Filmhouse Group

Additional Production Facility: Wang Film Production Co. Inc.


Family Dog Episode Guide:

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