Drak Pack

Drak Pack was the first series entirely produced by Hanna-Barbera at their Australian studio (now Southern Star). It premiered on CBS-TV on September 6, 1980 and ran through September 12, 1982.

Drak (Jerry Dexter),  Frankie (Bill Callaway),  and Howler (Bill Callaway) were the teen-aged descendants of the famous Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman monsters.   They atoned for the sins of their evil ancestors by using their special powers for the good of mankind.   They changed into the super powered clones of their forefathers by clasping their hands together and shouting "Wacko!".   Their main adversary was Dr. Dred (Hans Conreid), the world's worst villain, and his group O.G.R.E. (the Organization of Generally Rotten Endeavors).   Other voices included Alan Oppenheimer as Dracula (Big D), Julie McWhirter (now Mrs. Rick Dees) as Vampira, Chuck McCann as Mummy Man, and Don Messick as the Toad and the Fly.



Night of The Terbites

Mind Your Manners, Dr. Dred

A Dire Day At Dredfulland

Dred Goes Hollywood

Dredful Weather We're Having

The Grimmest Book Of Records

Dr. Dred Is a Shrinker

Time Out For Dr. Dred

International Graffiti

The Hideout Hotel

Dred's Photo Finish

Color Me Dredful

Happy Birthday Dr. Dred

Plunder Of Pirate's Park

Package Deal

It's In The Bag Dr. Dred


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