DoDo -
The Kid From Outer Space

"DoDo, the Kid from Outer Space,
DoDo can go, go any place,
With propellers on his heels,
Antennas on his ears,
He's the science-fiction pixie
from a strange atomic race,
DoDo, the Kid from Outer Space.


American debut 8/23/65
Presented by Joseph E. Levine and Robert Maxwell
Created by Lady Robinson
An Anroste Production
Made and Designed by Halas & Batchelor Cartoons
Syndicated by Fremantle International
78 five-minute animated films

DoDo was a young alien child with long pointy ears and wearing bizarre-looking overalls. He had little whirling propellers on his heels which enabled him to fly and came from the "atomic" planet Zip Zone. 


He was accompanied by his pet computer bird, Compy. Compy was a half-mechanical, half-living bird whose mother flew into a window and layed an egg on a stack of computer cards.

                     Compy                                                                                           "I spy, with my recording eye!"               

 The cards got processed, egg and all, and Compy was born. Compy had the unique abilities to show films through the top of his head and do calculations by spinning his eyes like a slot machine.

"what the heck, I'll project!"

DoDo and Compy spent their days encountering different Earthlings and learning their "strange" Earth ways. They were assisted by one of Zip Zone’s foremost researchers, Professor Fingers, a tall, skinny, balding man whose research delved into unresolved mysteries. 

Dodo and Professor Fingers

Professor Fingers had inter-dimensional pockets, which enabled him to fit objects of any size into his lab coat pockets. Other regular characters included two Earth children, twins Why and How.

How                                                                                                                 Why

DoDo -The Kid From Outer Space was produced in 1964 and released into U.S. syndication in 1965, airing on stations such as KHJ, Los Angeles. DoDo gained its greatest U.S. exposure from 1966 through 1970 during a run on many NBC affiliates. The animation style of DoDo resembled the popular Japanese cartoons of the same era, such as Astroboy and The Amazing Three, but was actually produced by Hungarian-born John Halas and his wife Joy Batchelor, British animators best known for the 1954 feature-length animated version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Halas & Batchelor also produced 1961's Foo Foo and Snip Snap (shown in Britain as Snip the Magic Scissors), and later animated The Osmonds and The Jackson 5ive cartoons for Rankin-Bass and The Addams Family and The Partridge Family: 2200 A.D. cartoons for Hanna-Barbera.

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