( DePatie- Freleng Enterprises / CBS-TV / Sept. 9, 1973 through Aug. 31, 1975)

The Comets, a Roller Derby team led by Barnaby Bailey, travel the world competing in various events and also taking part in a treasure hunt style quest to win a million dollars.


Their opponents include "The Black Hats", "The Broomer Girls", "The Cosmic Rays", "The Dr. Jekylls/Mr. Hydes", "The Duster Busters", "The Gargantuan Giants", "The Gusta Pastas", "The Hairy Madden Red Eyes", "The Mystery Mob", "The Ramblin' Rivets", "The Rock N Rollers", "The Roller Bears", "The Roller Coasters", "The Stone Rollers", "The Texas Flycats", and "The Yo-Ho-Hos".


The competitors criss-cross the world, from England to Australia, from Japan to Romania, from Hungary to Holland - and more! The races are excitedly described by Gabby the Reporter, in a helicopter piloted by Dooter Roo, who follow the adventures of BAILEY'S COMETS as the team somehow manages to get into troublesome tangles with colorful characters in the exotic locales.


Each cartoon ends with one of the skating teams finding the rhyming clues revealing the next destination.

The series was created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears. It consisted of 16 half-hours (2 episodes per show).

Episode Titles: 

Skateroo to the Carlsbad Clue! To Win or Toulouse
Rahja and Out Ghost of a Clue
Heading Home Roman Race Run
Transylvania Mad Transit Philippine Flip Flop
Space Race Slow 'n' Go to Tokyo
Lochness Mess Deep Blue Clue
South American Slip Up Goldfever Goof Up
A Kooky Clue and a Mummy Too Kenya Catch That Clue
An Abominable Clue Madagascar Mix-Up
Bear Blunder Down Under Trans Turkey Fowl Up
Amazon Jungle Bungle Swiss Swap Switch
Hawaii Five Uh Oh Heidelberg Robot Hang Up
Netherland Bouble Trouble Too Strong for Hong Kong
A Doggone Danish Clue Hungarian Cluelosh
Gobi Desert Goof Up Sargaso Sea You Later
Fast Lap in Lapland What's Buzzin' Canadian Cousin


Watch the opening to Bailey's Comets That I posted on YouTube

Watch the closing to Bailey's Comets That I posted on YouTube

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