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Bucky and Pepito, "such a funny, funny pair" (as noted in the theme song), was produced by Sam Singer in 1959 for Samsing Creations/Trans-Artists Productions.

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The voices were done by Dallas McKinnon. This cheaply done series (I've heard that it took only one week to complete an installment) was about Bucky, a young red-headed boy wearing a cowboy hat, and his buddy Pepito, a Mexican stereotype who is described in the cartoon as being "oh so lazy, and so very, very slow".  The cartoon took place in the American Southwest, and while the animation was crudely done the background landscapes were lavish in comparison. Even though it is crude, the animation appears to be as good, if not better, than many of it's contemporary counterparts.

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Sam Singer, the producer of Bucky and Pepito, The Adventures of Pow Wow, Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, as well as the first Sinbad Jr. cartoons,  passed away on January 25, 2001, at the age of 88.

Incomplete Episode Guide
(If anyone can add to this list, please E-Mail me)

The Magic Penny Dog Catcher Daze Texas Jack and the Bean Patch
Time Machine Jumpin' Frijoles The Pancake Taking Cure
Hi-Flyin' Goat The Howlin' Coyote Flyin' High
No Luck Duck Pet Duck A Kingfishy Tale
Watch Dog For Hire The Wandering Elephant Mambo Rhythm
Out Of This World Crazy Car Capers Flippin' Over Flap Jacks
Cal's Mis' Steak Rustlin' Coyote Cal Coyote Flies Again
Hunters Dilemma No Luck Duck The Lion Tamer
Vexin' Texan Hot Diggity Dog Sailor's Story
Fresh Fish Cat Napping Around Hot Chicken
Magic Clock The Lone Pine Tree Fastest Bird Alive
Hot Lemonade Plain and Fancy Hoppers Pony Pal
Sheepish Coyote Unlucky Horseshoes The Ol' Cannon

Click on this link to hear the Bucky and Pepito theme, in RealAudio.


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Click on this link to see a full-length, five minute, Bucky and Pepito cartoon, "The Time Machine", in RealVideo.

Watch a full-color Bucky and Pepito cartoon, The Coyote Catcher, that I posted on YouTube.

Below are full-color screen captures from BUCKY AND PEPITO

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