Toon Tracker Presents
The Songs Of Hanna-Barbera's
The Banana Splits In RealAudio.

Hear the songs from Hanna-Barbera's
classic 1968 Banana Splits Adventure Hour.

These songs were encoded
from 30 year old vinyl records

Please excuse any scratches or audio imperfections.

These selections require RealPlayer.  They utilize HTTP Pseudo-streaming for real-time playback. This pseudo-streaming feature enables me to post more video files than in the wav or au formats, due to RealAudio's unique compression capability. 

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If you encounter pauses in playback due to re-buffering, I've added the option of down-loading the file for local play. This takes a little longer than real-time playback, but it provides much easier listening ability. As soon as it's down-loaded to your system it should start the RealPlayer and begin playing uninterrupted, without the pauses caused by re-buffering.

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The Tra La La Song

(One Banana, Two Banana)

Ritchie Adams-Mark Barkan

Or Down-load

Wait Til Tomorrow

Ritchie Adams-Mark Barkan

Or Down-load

You're The Lovin' End

Al Kooper-Irwin Levine

Or Down-load

In New Orleans

Billy Barberis-Bobby Ronga-Aaron Schroeder

Or Down-load

Two-Ton Tessie

Aaron Schroeder-Gene Pitney

Or Down-load

Don't Go Away-Go-Go Girl

Jimmy Radcliffe-Buddy Scott

Or Down-load

I Enjoy Being A Boy

(In Love With You)

Joey Levine-Marc Bellack

Or Down-load

The Beautiful Calliopa

N. B. Winkless, Jr.-Hoyt Curtin

Or Down-load

Let Me Remember You Smiling

Al Kooper-Bob Brass-Irwin Levine

Or Down-load

We're The Banana Splits

Tony Powers-Ritchie Adams

Or Down-load

I'm Gonna Find A Cave

Buddy Scott-Jimmy Radcliffe

Or Down-load

This Spot

Jay Fishman-Don Lauren

Or Down-load

Doin' The Banana Split

Barry White

Or Down-load

Toy Piano Melody

Roy Alfred (Instrumental)

Or Down-load


Jimmy Radcliffe-Carl Spencer

Or Down-load


Adam Had 'Em

Or Down-load


It's a Good Day For a Parade

Or Down-load


Very First Kid On My Block

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