The Beagles

The Beagles

Executive Producer : Treadwell Covington
Total Television Productions, Inc. / Lancelot Productions, Inc.
[9/10/66 - 9/7/68]

The Beagles featured a singing and guitar-playing canine duo known as Stringer and Tubby. The dog stars of the series worked catchy, British-Invasion style rock n' roll songs into the action of each episode. Before a new number joined the duo's repertoire, their manager placed them in an exciting situation where they could experience what the song was all about. Each week the performing pooches were put through their paces, all for the sake of their rock n' roll art! Presented on CBS-TV in serialized adventures, The Beagles were an obvious attempt to cash in on the sound-alike name of the Fab Four from Liverpool, who began their own show the year before on ABC-TV. When The Beagles series failed to generate high ratings, it was cancelled by CBS. It was repeated the following season on ABC before it quickly disappeared.

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Joe Harris (the former Vice-President, Supervisor of Animation for Dancer, Fitzgerald, Sample Advertising, who left D-F-S in 1959 to found Total Television Productions with Treadwell Covington and writers Buck Biggers and Chet Stover) sent me the following regarding The Beagles:

"...the Beagles. Now there's a sad story. The editor who worked on that series died while at work on them and apparently all the editing materials including the master negs were tossed out by his widow. I've tried through John Gartenberg, the former archivist at Golden Books Publishing, to find out if the trail to those masters was still traceable but he came up with nothing. He was able to locate the masters on all but a very few of the rest of the TTV productions but drew a blank on the Beagles. I not only have the characters but the storyboards, although unfortunately on stats. I have no idea where the original boards are; possibly they went out with the rest of the materials. The Beagles were entirely TTV properties which makes it doubly painful to have lost them."

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Ghosts, Ghouls and Fools (1 - 2)

Dizzy Dishwashers (3 - 6)

Drip, Drip, Drips (7 - 10)

Tubby Troubles (11 - 14)

I'm Gonna Capture You (15 -18)

Foreign Legion Flops (19 -22)

The Braves (23 - 26)

Man In The Moon (27 - 30)

Captain Of The Ship (31 - 34)

I Feel Like Humpty Dumpty (35 - 36)


Here Come the Beagles

Manufactured by Columbia Records/CBS, Inc.
51 W. 52 Street,
New York, NY
Harmony Records-A Product of Columbia Records
Stereo HS 14561
Mono HL 9561

Album liner notes:

"Ready? Then get set-for HERE COME THE BEAGLES! One of the most successful of the new cartoon programs for youngsters is the Saturday morning CBS Television Network series THE BEAGLES.  Since its debut, this funny and thoroughly captivating half-hour animated series, in color, has proved enormously popular with small-fry audiences all over the country.  In fact, the number of the show's fans has grown to include high school and even college students who enjoy the catchy, rock-and-roll songs worked into the action of each episode. Stringer and Tubby, the dog stars of the series, comprise a singing and guitar-playing team known as THE BEAGLES.  Their relationship might best be described as an "Abbott and Costello" one (Tubby's the one who's always getting into trouble).  And as if two beagles in pursuit of a show business career didn't already have enough problems on their paws, they have a real "dog" of a manager, named Scotty for his breed.  This canny canine has a positive genius for giving THE BEAGLES' act a sincere, authentic "sound." Scotty's system goes something like this.  Before a new number joins the duo's repertoire, Scotty places them in an exciting situation where they can experience what the song is all about.  "Indian Love Dance", "I'd Join the Foreign Legion" and "Thanks to the Man in the Moon"-the titles alone will give you the general idea.  Thus, each week the performing pooches are put through their paces, all for the sake of their rock-and-roll art! We think almost any youngster will respond with delight to THE BEAGLES' appealing songs.  And, for that matter, grown-ups, too!"

Click on this link to hear the Beagles theme song, "Looking For The Beagles", in RealAudio.

Theme song ("Looking for the Beagles") lyrics:

Lookin' for the Beagles, lookin' high and low;
High is for the eagles, low is where the Beagles go.
Right now to bust a bubble,
to wherever there's some trouble;
That's where the Beagles go.
Trouble's not a sometime thing,
it dims but won't die out;
Pleasure makes the Beagles sing,
trouble makes them shout.
Lookin' for the Beagles,
not where rich men go;
Rich is for the regals;
Woe is all the Beagles know.

Music and Lyrics by W.Biggers, T.Covington, J. Harris, C. Stover
Published by Vincent Youmans Co., Inc
Arranged and Conducted by Charles Fox

See the first part of "Foreign Legion Flops", a video that I posted on YouTube

See the opening of The Beagles, in RealVideo, from the original CBS-TV run


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