(Hal Seeger 1967)

BATFINK. Syndicated: 1967
Hal Seeger/Screen Gems.

Executive Producer: Hal Seeger
Written by Dennis Marks, Heywood King, Martin Taras.
Musical director: Win Sharples.


Batfink - Frank Buxton
Karate - Len Maxwel
Other Voices - Bob McFadden


Batfink, a parody of the mid-60's Batman fad that was winding down at the time, was an invincible cartoon crime-fighter with "wings of steel ". Summoned into action on the hotline from the Chief of Police, Batfink used his Super Sonic Sonar to track down criminals. Batfink was joined by Karate, a Japanese martial arts expert (and a parody of the Green Hornet's sidekick, Kato) Together they chased about in pursuit of their foes in the "Batillac, " a Volkswagen- like car with wings on the rear fenders. The cartoon was created by former Fleischer animator, and Milton the Monster creator, Hal Seeger.


Batfink's primary villain was Hugo a Go Go, a deranged scientist whose son was named Goo Goo. Hugo's inventions included brain-washing fluid which he squirted from his buttonhole flower; tickle sticks; and a laser-shooting monocle. Other villains were take-offs of fairy tales and legends: Robber Hood, the hoodlum horseman, Daniel Boom, the notorious booby trapper, Old King Cruel, the charity swindler, Mr. Flick, the Monstrous Master Movie Maker, and Beanstalk Jack, the fiendish farmer. Brother Goose left clues to his crimes in rhyme, the Chameleon was a quick-change artist, and Ebenezer a freezer.



(five per show) "The Atom Boom", "The Backward Box", "The Baffling Blufis Hugo-A-Go-Go", "Bat Patrol", "Batfink On The Rocks", "Batfink, This Is Your Life", "Beanstalk Jack", "The Beep—Booper", "Big Ears Ernie", "Blankenstein", "The Bomber Bird," "Bouncy Bouncy Batfink," "Bowl Brummel", "Brain Washday", "Bride And Doom", "Brother Goose", "Buster The Ruster", "The Chocolate Covered Diamond", "Cinderobber", "The Copycat Bat", "Crime College", "Crimes In Rhymes", "Curly The Cannonball", "Daniel Boom", "The Devilish Device", "Dig That Crazy Mountain", "The Dirty Sinker", "Double Double Crossers", "Ebenezer The Freezer", "Ego A-Go—Go", "Father Time Bombed", "Fatman Strikes Again", "Fleiderfink", "Gloves On The Go-Go", "Gluey Louie", "Go Fly A Bat", "Goldstinger", "Goldyunlocks And The Three Bears", "Goo Goo A-Go-Go," "Greasy Gus", "The Great Escapo", "Gypsy James", "Hugo For Mayor", "Hugo Here, Hugo There", "Hugo's Joke", "The Human Pretzel", "The Indian Taker", "Jerkules", "Judy Jitsu", "Jumping Jewelry", "The Kangaroobot", "The Kooky Chameleon", "The Living Doll", "The Mad Movie Maker", "Magneto The Magnificent", "Manhole Manny", "Mark Of Zero", "The Mean Green Midget", "Mike The Mimic", "MPFTBRM", "Mryon The Magician", "Napoleon Blown Apart", "Nuts Of The Round Table", "Old King Cruel", "Out Out Darn Spot", "Party Marty", "Pink Pearl Of Persia", "Presto-Change-0-Hugo", "Queenie Bee," "Ring-a-Ding Brothers", "Robber Hood", "The Rotten Rainmaker", "Roz, The Schnozz", "Sandman Sam", "The Shady Shadow", "The Short Circuit Case", "Skinny Minnie", "Slow Down, Speed Up!", "The Sonic Boomer", "Spin The Batfink", "Sporty Morty", "Stupidman", "The Super Trap", "Swami Salami", "The Thief From Baghdad", "The Time Stopper", "Topsy Turvy", "Tough MacDuff", "The Trojan Horse Thief", "Unhappy Birthday", "Victor The Predictor", "Watch My Smoke", "Whip Van Winkle", "The Wishbone Boner", "Yo Yo A-Go-Go", and "The Zap Sap."


"Your bullets cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel!"


HAL SEEGER (1917 - 2005)

Hal Seeger passed away on March 13, 2005 at the age of 87. Beloved husband of the late Beverly. Loving father of Susan, Charlene, Mindy, David and Efrem. Dear grandfather of ten. Hal was a filmmaker, T.V. producer and creator of Batfink, Milton the Monster and many other hit animated cartoon series. Funeral services were held March 15, 2005, at 11:30 am at the Sanctuary of Abraham and Sarah, located at Cedar Park Cemetery, Paramus, NJ.

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