The Amazing 3

The Amazing 3, known in Japan as W3 or Wonder Three, was created and produced by Osamu Tezuka (creator of Astroboy) for Mushi Productions. It originally appeared in 1965 as a weekly science fiction/adventure manga series in Shônen Magazine. It was dubbed in English by Gene Prinz and his staff at Copri Films International in Miami and syndicated by Modern Programs in 1967.


The series revolved around three aliens from outer space who were sent to Earth by the Galactic Congress. Their mission was to decide whether a warlike planet like Earth should be destroyed in order to preserve universal peace. The trio, disguised as animals - Bonnie, a rabbit, Ronnie, a horse, and Zero, a duck with a Beatle haircut - befriend a young Earthling, Kenny Carter, and share with him the secret of their mission. Kenny, being the younger brother of Randy Carter, an agent of an international anti-crime organization, persuades the trio to help improve life on Earth, rather than just observe it's problems. Together, Kenny and the alien trio battle evil and corruption on Earth.


The voices included Bobbie Byers as Captain Bonnie Bunny, Neil Patrick as Colonel Ronnie Pony, Paul Brown as Zero the Duck,  Kurt Nagel as Kenny Carter, and Jerry Burke (the voice of 8th Man) doing the opening narration. Thanks to Andy Shepherd for the voice credits.


Click on the link to hear The Amazing 3 theme, in RealAudio.

Above is the opening and closing to The Amazing 3 that I uploaded to YouTube.


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