The Complete Series


Released April 17th, 2007 For $29.98

Los Angeles , CA – BCI Eclipse, a Navarre Corporation Company, and the UK’s leading global media company and underlying rights owner, Entertainment Rights Plc (“ER”) have released Filmation’s live action series “The Ghost Busters.”  The series is available on DVD for the first time and includes rare special features including interviews and bonus footage. The 2 DVD set features all 15 episodes was released on April 17th,2007 at a suggested retail price of $29.98. 

“This long lost gem has finally made its way to DVD” said Jeff Hayne, Director of Acquisitions, BCI.  “And as one of the champions of nostalgic TV, BCI is thrilled to be releasing this classic series that spawned an animated series and inspired the title of one of the top feature films of the 1980’s.”

When trouble calls, The Ghost Busters answer! From their run-down office, Spenser, Tracy, and Kong take on assignments no mere mortal could face. Good thing that Spenser and Kong have the super-smart gorilla Tracy on their team! In the super-secret missions assigned to them by the mysterious "Zero," the trio of bumbling detectives confronts phantoms, vampires, werewolves, the Frankenstein monster, mobsters, Vikings, magicians, and even a devilish dummy!

Long before the successful blockbuster film franchise which borrowed the name, Filmation produced the live-action series “The Ghost Busters.”  Debuting in 1975 on CBS, the series starred Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker, the two popular sitcom stars of F Troop.  Bob Burns played the part of gorilla Tracy so convincingly that fans worldwide thought the simian was real.  Each episode featured popular guest-stars from the time, including Billy Barty, Ted Knight and Jim Backus.

Special Features include:

Producing the special features, interviews and most of the extra content was entertainment writer Andy Mangels, a best-selling novelist, and author of Animation on DVD—The Ultimate Guide.

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