(Heritage Productions/Cambria Studios/Normandy III 1965)

The Three Stooges, who began their career in vaudeville and moved on to enjoy success in films, were the featured players in this series of five-minute cartoons from producer Dick Brown and his Cambria Studios. The unique aspect of this series was that the actual Stooges themselves voiced the cartoons and appeared in 2 ½ minute live action wraparounds before and after each cartoon.

The cartoons showcased the Stooges' trademarked slapstick style of humor, but the violence was toned down for the younger audience. There were 156 cartoons produced, but only 40 live-action segments that were rotated throughout the package.

The live segments were a real treat to Stooge fans, but they proved to be the undoing for the series itself. Because the number of live scenes filmed was considerably fewer than the number of animated shorts, when viewers tuned in and saw a repeated live-action scene, they assumed the cartoon was a repeat as well, and subsequently changed the channel.

Moe: Moe Howard 
Larry: Larry Fine 
Curly Joe: Joe DeRita 


PRODUCER: Dick Brown




STORIES AND STORYBOARDS: Jack Miller, Sam Cornell, Art Diamond, Warren Tufts, Cecil Beard, Lee Orgel, Dave Detiege, Barbara Chain, Jack Kinney, Nick George, Pat Kearin, Homer Brightman

DIRECTION: Eddie Bernds, Eddie Rehberg, Dave Detiege

ANIMATION: Chick Otterstrom, Kay Wright, Frank Onaitis

LAYOUT: Dan Noonan, Sam Cornell, Jacques Rupp

BACKGROUND: Gloria Wood, Bill Butler

PRODUCTION MANAGERS: Fred Darley, Cliff Selkirk

MUSIC: Paul Horn, General Music Corp.

PAINTING: Connie Crawley

CAMERA: Jerry Smith, Ed Gillette



"Little Old Bombmaker", "Woodsman Bear That Tree", "Let's Shoot The Player Piano Player", "Dentist The Menace", "Safari So Good", "Think Of Thwim", "There Auto Be A Law", "That Old Shell Game", "Hold That Lion", "A Flycycle Built For Two", "Three Dizzy Doodlers", "The Classical Clinker", "Movie Scars", "A Bull For Andamo", "The Tree Nuts", "The Tinhorn Dude", "Through Rain, Sleet And Snow", "Goldriggers Of '49", "Ready, Jet Set, Go", "Behind The Eightball Express", "Stop Dragon Around", "To Kill A Clockingbird", "Who's Lion", "Fowl Weather Friend", "Wash My Line", "Little Cheese Chaser", "The Big Windbag", "Babysitters", "Clarence Of Arabia", "Three Jacks And A Beanstalk", "That Was The Wreck That Was", "Three Astronutz", "Peter Panic", "When You Wish Upon A Fish", "A Little Past Noon", "The Hair Of The Bear", "Three Lumps And A Lamp", "Who's For Dessert", "Watts My Lion", "Which Is Witch", "Suture Self", "The Yolk's On You", "Tally Moe, Larry And Joe", "First In lion", "The Transylvania Railroad", "What's Mew, Pussycat", "It's A Bad, Bad, Bad World", "Bridge On The River Cry", "Hot Shots", "Mel's Angels", "Bee My Honey", "Flag Pole Sitters", "Stone Age Stooges", "Smoke Gets In Your Skies", "Queen Qwong", "Campsite Fright", "Goldibear And The Three Stooges", "The Lyin' Tamers", "The Pen Game", "It's A Small World", "Late For Launch", "Focus In Space", "The Noisy Silent Movie", "Get Outa Town By Sundown Brown", "Table Tennis Tussle", "Phoney Express", "The Best Test Pilots", "The Little Bear", "A Fishy Tale", "The Unhaunted House", "Aloha Ha Ha", "The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire", "Deadbeat Street", "Cotton Pickin' Chicken", "Larry And The Pirates", "Trees A Crowd", "Feud For Thought", "Bat And Brawl", "Knight Without End", "Up A Tree", "Turn About Is Bad Play", "Pow, Wow Row", "The Flatheads", "No News Is Good News", "Bully For You Curly", "Free For All", "Goofy Gondoliers", "Bearfoot Fisherman", "Washout Below", "The Three Marketeers", "Follow The White Lion", "One Good Burn Deserves Another", "Curly's Bear", "Land Ho, Ho, Ho", "Surf's You Right", "The Seven Faces Of Tim Bear", "Bear Foot Bandit", "None Butt The Brave", "Three Good Knights", "Call Of The Wile", "Snow Brawl", "Rob N. Hood", "There's No Mule Like An Old Mule", "Squawk Valley", "Mummy's Boys", "The Plumber's Friends", "Rub A Dub Tub", "Under A Bad, Bad Tree", "Hairbrained Barbers", "Waiter Minute", "Souperman", "The Abominable Showman", "Curly In Wonderland", "Boobs In The Woods", "The Chimney Sweeps", "The Mad Mail Mission", "Out Of Space", "The Three Wizards Of Odds", "Three For The Road", "Feudin', Fussin' Hillbully", "Don't Misbehave, Indian Brave", "You Ain't Lion", "Muscle On The Mind", "Badman Of The Briny", "Furry Fugitive", "How The West Was Once", "Bowling Pinheads", "The Mountain-Ear", "Norse Worst Passage", "Lastest Gun In The West", "Toys Will Be Toys", "First Class Service", "Strictly For The Birds", "Les Stoogenaires", "The Bear Who Came In From The Cold", "The Bigger They Are The Harder They Hit", "Little Red Riding Wolf", "Bell Hop Flops", "Gopher Broke", "Gagsters Dragster", "Just Plane Crazy", "From Bad To Verse", "Droll Weevil", "The Littlest Martian", "The Bear Show-Off", "No Money No Honey", "Get That Snack Shack Off The Track", "Curly's Birthday A Go Go", "The Men From U.C.L.A.", "Super Everybody", "Kangaroo Katchers", "No Smoking Aloud", "The Chicken Delivery Boys", "S'No Ball", "Rug A Bye Baby" and "Dinopoodi".

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