(Hanna-Barbera 1993 - 1995)

2 Stupid Dogs was a show about a lumbering sheep dog known as Big Dog and his excitable dachshund pal, Little Dog. The two would get ensnared in a variety of commonplace situations, with their stupidity usually leading to calamitous results. A broad-shouldered human named Hollywood appeared on most episodes to antagonize the dogs, uttering his instant catchphrase, “Isn’t that cute… But it’s WROOOONG!!” The show was filled with throwaway one-liners that fans have been bandying about ever since: “It tastes like caca,” “Where’s the food?” “(Monkey to astronaut): I think you’ve been drinking too much Tang,” and Little Dog’s catchphrase, “Ball!” 

Created by cartoonist Donovan Cook, the show was a break from Hanna-Barbera’s traditional style, animated more along the lines of Ren and Stimpy than Scooby-Doo. The show also shared Ren and Stimpy’s taste for booger jokes and potty humor mingled into plot-free exercises in unbridled wackiness. 

2 Stupid Dogs also brought the return of a character from the Hanna-Barbera archives: Secret Squirrel. Each episode of 2 Stupid Dogs featured a Super Secret Secret Squirrel segment, spoofing the 1960’s spy craze with the title squirrel, his bull superior Chief (Chief was a human in the original series), and his Peter Lorre-inspired assistant Morocco Mole. 

2 Stupid Dogs endeared themselves to viewers with their endlessly hilarious stupidity. In one episode, Little Dog tried to use a hand puppet to fool a cat into thinking there was food in another alley. After a brief conversation with his puppet, Little Dog fooled himself instead, calling the puppet a liar when the truth came out. 

After two seasons of original episodes in syndication, the show moved to The Cartoon Network. 

Little Dog Mark Schiff 
Big Dog Brad Garrett 
Hollywood Brian Cummings 
Secret Squirrel Jess Harnell 
Morocco Mole Jim Cummings 
Chief Tony Jay 
Narrator Gary Owens 


"Red", "Home Is Where Your Head Is", "Cornflakes", "Spit Soup", "Hollywood's Ark ", "At the Drive-In", "Pie in the Sky ", "Let's Make a Right Price", "Return of Red", "Sheep Dogs", "Hobo Hounds", "Show and Tell", "Red Strikes Back", "Bathroom Humor", "Spooks a Poppin'", "Jerk", "Substitute Teacher", "Las Pelotas!", "A Quarter", "Love", "Stunt Dogs", "Post Office", "Love Doctors", "Far-Out Friday", "Seeing Eye Dogs", "Cat!", "Love in the Park", "Day Dream", "Trash Day", "Vegas Buffet", "Where's The Bone?", "Door Jam", "Cookies, Ookies, Blookies", "Family Values", "Cartoon Canines", "Inside Out", "Fun!", "The Rise and Fall of the Big Dog" and "Space Dogs"


"One Ton", "Scirrocco Mole", "Hot Rodney", "Greg", "Quark", "Platypus", "Egg", "Voodoo Goat", "Chamleon", "Agent Penny" and "Goldflipper"

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2 Stupid Dogs

Hanna-Barbera (Syndicated) 1993

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